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Got something to sell but no time or inclination to list it on eBay?

Then let me do it for you.

I am an eBay Professional who makes his living from trading on eBay and a very experienced Trading Assistant.

For a modest commission I will take photos, create a listing, answer buyer questions, process payment and parcel up and send the item to the buyer.

All you need do is decide what you no longer need and want to sell and then call me on 07914 834283 or email me at to organise drop off of the item or I can collect (for a fee).

I am based near Market Drayton in Shropshire so have easy access to Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

I believe my fee's are very competitive and there is no upfront payment.

I will try and sell almost anything and my only minimum requirement is that it should sell for at least 15.

To create a listing/advert for an item, I only charge 1 which is non-refundable even if the item does not sell. If the items sells I then charge 20% of the selling price subject to a minimum charge of 5.

All fees are ex. VAT which will be added at the current rate.

If you were to do the work yourself then eBay would make an initial Listing Fee charge (which is non-refundable) and then, when the item sells, charge you the eBay Final Value Fee which currently stands at 10%. On top of this, if the buyer paid with Paypal (which you must offer as a payment option and which about 5% of buyers use to pay) then you would also have to pay a Paypal fee of 20p + 3.5% of the overall amount (inc. the P&P)


However, do not worry about working out the fees - I will do this all for you and produce a report detailing items sold, price achieved and fees charged. The excess raised will then be forwarded to you.

You do not even need to worry about getting the item to the buyer after the sale - I'll arrange all packaging and shipment and charge the buyer direct for the service.

All my items are listed with at least one good quality photo (but more often more) and I am very experienced in getting items to show up in searches.

I normally have 400+ items listed on eBay and often use links and cross-promotions between them. This is a valuable tool as someone looking at another of my listings may see your item being promoted and realise that that is just what they want and so decide to bid on that as well.

Compare all of this with creating your own listings:

 You will need to take photo's and upload them into your computer.

 You will need to find the time to create an eBay listing. Without experience mistakes are often made (so much so that there are dedicated eBay users who find the items where a mistake was made in the listing such as spelling or listing under the wrong category and they then buy the items incredibly cheaply only to re-list with corrections and get a higher sale).

 Once an item is listed you then have to regularly monitor the situation as customers ask questions and expect a speedy response. Without a quick response some customers will look elsewhere.

 After the sale you then have to process the payment and then arrange packing and shipping to the buyer.

Using my services means removing all the hassle.

 No photo's to take.

 No getting to grips with creating an eBay listing

 No making costly mistakes in spelling or listing in wrong category

 No regular monitoring to answer customer questions

 No worrying about processing payment (cashing cheques, creating a Paypal account)

 No obtaining boxes or wrapping materials and shipping item to the buyer

 No having to pay eBay fees at a later date

Not only is all the above hassle removed, but you also get the free cross promotions from my other listings.

You can sit back and relax knowing your item is being sold by an eBay Professional and at the end of it all receive money from your sales.

To enquire about this service email us at